Barbara Tobisch, Bakk.phil. MA


Barbara Tobisch

Barbara Tobisch has been training taekwondo since 1995 and was a competitive athlete, trainer and referee. As a competitive athlete and national team member, she has successfully competed at national and international tournaments, European and World Championships. The constant motivation to improve led her to being the holder of the 6th Dan (6th black belt).

During her career as an athlete, Barbara began her trainer education in order to deal with the training methods herself.

Sports certificates

  • BASI Pilates Trainer for Machines & Mat (Comprehensive Teacher Training Course) (BASI Munich/Costa Mesa)
  • National Certified Taekwondo Trainer (Trainer A-License) (BSPA Graz)
  • National Certified Sports Trainer (Trainer B-License) (BSPA Wien)
  • Certified Pilates Instructor (Body & Health Academy)
  • Nordic Walking Instructor (Nordicfit Academy)
  • Taekwondo Instructor(BSPA Linz)
  • Taekwondo 6.Dan

Educatinal Science Certificates

  • Educational Scientist and Educationl Scientist for people with special needs (University of Vienna & Universitäty of Salzburg)
  • Certified Burnout Prevention Coach (Body & Health Academy)
  • psychotherapeutic Propädeutikum (ÖAGG)
  • Certified Dyslexic Trainer EÖDL (Austrian Dyslexia Association)
  • Dyslexia Trainer method Dr. Sindelar

Additional Educations

  • Essentials of Elite Performance (Zhealth)
  • Fascial Fitness Introduction Course (Physiozentrum Vienna& Fascial Fitness)
  • HIIT-up! Functional Training (Euro Education)
  • Occupational Health Management (Academy of Sports)


  • Cooperation partner of SVA Gesundheitshunderter
  • Trainer for employees of companies (Transgourmet, AMS regional office OÖ, etc.)
  • Trainer at Apprentice education at WIFI
  • Trainer at Sozialversicherungsanstalt der Bauern
  • Trainer and lecturer at Upper Austrian Taekwondo Assiciation
  • Trainings for people with mental and multiple disabilities
  • Trainer at community centers

sporting success

  • longtime Member oft the Austrian National Team Taekwondo
  • longtime Member of the Upper Austrian Taekwondo Team
  • National Champion Female Single Poomsae
  • 10 x National Champion Pair Poomsae
  • 2 x Vice National Champion Female Single Poomsae
  • 8 x Austrian Champion Pair
  • Austrian Champion Female Kyorugi
  • 7 x Upper Austrian Champion Female Single Poomsae
  • 10 x Upper Austrian Champion Pair Poomsae
  • 4 x Vice Upper Austrian Champion Female Single Poomsae
  • 1., 2., 3. places at national and international tournaments Kyorugi and Poomsae
  •  participation in European and World Championships (placements in the middle of the starter field)