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budopilates® is the unique combination of exercises of the general martial arts training routine with Pilates exercises.


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a highly intensive interval training with short, intensive loads and short, partially active regeneration phases.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking was already used in the 1930s as an alternative summer training for athletes from the fields of cross-country skiing, biathlon and Nordic combined.

Flexible, individual & varied

Gruppentraining budopilates


Train together and motivate each other

Einzeltraining budopilates


Individual training, adapted to your needs

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Train with a friend

Triotraining budopilates


Train with friends or others in a group of three

Onlinetraining budopilates


Online, Solo, Duo, Trio

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24/7 access to videos and coaching on exercise and stress reduction

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What participants say

"Hab heut das 1. mal den boden erreicht mit den fingern beim normal breiten stehen 😍 das 1. mal im leben! Du bist der hammer!! Danke für alles! Ja weil du mich motivierst und es abwechslungsreich is, weil ich stück für stück weiterkomm mit meinem dehnen und meiner fitness 😍😍"
Online course participant
"Ich bin auch ganz begeistert von deinen Kursen und hab schon sehr viel davon profitiert. Die Körperspannung die ich in deinen Kursen lerne kann ich auch bei anderen Trainings und im Alltag gebrauchen."
Online course participant & in person participant
"Danke für deine Stunden, die so wohltuend und abwechslungsreich sind – deine Freude an deiner Arbeit ist in jeder Stunde spürbar!!!"
Online course participant & in person participant

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Exercise as part of my everyday life with competitive sports and as a hobby

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Motivation of people who want to exercise regularly


6. Dan (black belt) in Taekwondo

Hello! My name is Barbara Tobisch.

I am a sports trainer, pilate trainer, taekwondo trainer, mobility specialist, former competitive athlete and educational scientist. And I help you to feel good through exercise, to increase your performance and thus to gain energy for a healthy and balanced everyday life.

In my more than twenty years of working with people, I have experienced again and again how important it is to find a balance to the busy, busy everyday life. Regular exercise is an essential factor in staying fit mentally and physically, preventing injuries and pain.

My two sports passions, Taekwondo and Pilates, were the motivation for me to create budopilates®. This unique combination offers the advantage of two training areas that complement each other perfectly. A comprehensive repertoire of exercises has resulted in a holistic form of training that prepares you not only for the physical but also for the mental challenges of everyday life.

I'm glad you're here.

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